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My Favourite Things: Georgia Larsen of Dora Larsen

We sat down for a chat with a Fox favourite, Georgia Larsen (and her able, very beautiful assistant, Cleo), founder and creative director of Dora Larsen , the lingerie brand whose dreamy, inspired colour combinations have delivered something genuinely new to the world of smalls. If you’re not already a fan, we guarantee you will be if you’ve been searching for something less beige for your knicker drawer.

An ex lingerie buyer from Top Shop, Georgia noticed a gap in the market for a brand that focussed on the art of colour (a girl after our own heart) without abandoning fit and quality and so, Dora Larsen was born.

Georgia gives us the low-down on what she’s reading and listening to as well as a couple of excellent South East London tips. 



Early bird or night owl?
Night Owl.
Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Breakfast (I need it as the mornings are SO hard). 
Ahhhh Georgia, we feel you. Mum-life and its nocturnal necessities can KILL mornings. 
Coffee or tea? 
Gin or wine?
Before bed – book or boxset? 
Me too! It’s the most non-judgey, kind-spirited book on parenting that you don’t even need to be a parent to read. The most illuminating thing I have read in a long time. I love its focus on repairing ruptures and being mindful that small people are people too. A deserving Sunday Times bestseller. 
Favourite podcast?
Casefile: True Crime Podcast. 
Adding this to the list. LOVE a true crime podcast. If you’re a frustrated sleuth, definitely look at The Teacher’s Pet also. 
Guilty pleasure?
Smoking! I sometimes treat myself to one cigarette every 2 or 3 weeks, when know ones looking or knows…!!! 
Naughty, Naughty! Remember fondly my smoking days. Always say it was one of the only things I was good at. 
I can’t start the day without….
Yep. Lipstick and concealer are basically facial  defibrillators. 
I can’t end the day without….
Sadly, checking the emails one last time! 
Best hangover cure?
A can of coke.
Your go-to outfit when all else fails?
Vintage Levi’s and a logo t-shirt. 
Where do you go to find inspiration?
Tate Modern book shop. 
Also one of my favourites! A joyful place to spend a rainy afternoon. 

OK, let’s get the low down on your London.
Favourite place to explore? 
Crystal Palace.
Favourite place to relax? 
Peckham Rye Park.
Favourite place to shop?
Head into the Body Studio at Selfridges - you’ll find Dora Larsen in there!
Best coffee/brunch spot?
My local cafe Arlo and Moe
Favourite view of London?
The view of the City from Greenwich Park. 
The song that sums up London life for you?
Pulp - Common People. 
Excellent choice!
Ok last question - you have friends coming to visit you in London who have never been to the city before. What 3 places that you love would you take them that wouldn’t necessarily be in a guidebook?
Peckham - Peckham is where our studio is and it’s amazing for nights out. I’d take them to Frank’s (ahhh yes! THAT staircase! THAT view!) or one of the other rooftop bars in the area, and then to see one of the many art exhibitions that are always on around here!
Dulwich Park - One of the most beautiful parks in London, I’d take them for an explore and a boat ride on the lake.
I’d take them to the café, Four Boroughs in Crystal Palace for the most amazing coffee, Kombucha and vegan burgers.
Thanks Georgia. Lovely catching up. Meet you at Frank’s for a drink (and a cigarette)?