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Launched in 2016, Hesper Fox is a London-based sleep, lounge and resort wear brand with an identity anchored firmly in print-led design, inspired by an enduring love of travel, colour and the arts. From luxury silk pyjamas to breezy linen resort wear styles, Hesper Fox gives lazy Sunday brunches and poolside Fridays a chic, relaxed upgrade – the perfect wardrobe for the confident, feminine globetrotter.

Sleepwear pieces blur the line between loungewear and ready-to-wear, with silk pyjama separates and silk slips seamlessly pairing with the wearer’s everyday wardrobe, making them as comfortable as wardrobe building blocks as they are behind closed doors as luxury loungewear.

The resort wear collections transport the wearer to sun-drenched climes making modern, versatile additions to a holiday wardrobe or perfect options for balmy city days.

Hesper Fox’s signature style combines modern, yet laidback silhouettes and timeless wearability. We pay attention to beautiful construction and small details, ensuring pieces have lasting appeal. We believe in buying less and buying better; which is why for most products you'll find our "Style Notes" - advice for how to wear even your PJs out - we believe in getting the most out of each and every piece in your wardrobe.  

Working with suppliers who share our ethics and values, each collection is produced in Europe in luxurious natural fabrics – lustrous silks, silk blends, crisp poplins and cool, pure linens. In vibrant colour palettes and exclusive prints, each season brings something fresh.

We make our limited collections mindfully. We don't overproduce to secure a better make price for our garments. We make what we believe we will sell and we do all we can to reduce waste in our production, working closely with our factory to ensure the maximum of each and every piece of cloth we purchase is used.

We use the offcuts from our silk production to make beautiful accessories - silk sleep masks, silk knickers and silk headbands. Where we can, we will often purchase high quality "deadstock" fabric that may be the result of overproduction from fabric mills that would ordinarily go to waste to make limited edition collections. 

We print digitally to minimise water waste and wherever possible, we source our fabrics and all our components as close to our Portuguese factory - the less our garments and what goes into them have to travel, the better. 

Whenever we make a business decision, be it about production, packaging or messaging, we ask ourselves questions about the impact of each decision and wherever possible, we make choices that are more sustainable and kinder to the earth and the people we work with.