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My Favourite Things: With Kara Rose Marshall

We recently touched base with London model Kara Rose Marshall, who happened to be in Mauritius at the time of our chat... ( l u c k y ). 

Kara has given us the details of all her favourite things - 

  1. Early bird or night owl? Night owl 

  2. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Breakfast

  3. Coffee or Tea? Tea always tea

  4. Gin or Wine? Red wine

  5. Before bed–book or boxset? Boxset 100%

  6. What are you reading right now? I'm reading two books at one time-  Meet Me in the Bathroom and the Anthony Kiedis book - his life is mad.

  7. Which series are you watching? I'm watching Louis Theroux (I love him!) Us too, Kara, us too. 

  8. I can’t start the day without....Checking my emails

  9. I can’t end the day without....Having a cup of tea

10. Guilty Pleasure? I suck my thumb

11. Best hangover cure? Pyjamas / Bed / Chinese


Kara is wearing the Dietrich Pyjama set in Rosa from The Confetti Collection


12. Favourite Place to Explore?  I've travelled the whole of Thailand that was cool

13. Favourite Place to Relax? Mauritius has been the most relaxing time of my life. I love Los Angeles too. 

  1. Airplane must have’s... Kiehl's Midnight Recovery 

  2. Top 3 things in your suitcase? Bikini// polaroid//film camera//sun cream 


Ok let's get the low down on Mauritius... 

     16. Once touching down, where is the first place you go? The beach! 

     17. Favourite place to stay? Belle Mare. 

     18. Top Beaches? Lux Hotel has the most amazing beach. 

     19. Best Cocktail Spot? Long Beach

     20. Best brunch spot? The Japanese at Long Beach

     21. Sightsee? La Vanille, you can feed the giant tortoises they're amazing


                                          Thanks Kara xx