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Hesper Fox x Frances Costelloe

We're delighted to have teamed up with London-based artist Frances Costelloe on a collection of sleepwear and interiors that celebrates our shared love for  joyous colour and print.

The palette draws inspiration from 1930s interiors and a joint penchant for clashing colours. With Frances’ well-recognised pink and red tulip motifs as a starting point, we balanced the scheme with navy and grass green, and introduced black and white to add a contemporary feel. 

Frances’ eclectic style can be seen throughout the collection - from the modern twist on a traditional gingham to the hand-painted take on the Hesper Fox signature stripe. A ditsy print concocted from Frances’ recognisable floral motifs nods to heritage British prints, lipstick red, hand-drawn shells sit on a pale pink background whilst a bold scallop stripe adds a whimsical feel.

The shapes are clean and versatile to allow the prints to shine; a pyjama set with a wide bracelet-length sleeve, a silk PJ shirt with a boxy shape and a bias cut dress that works perfectly as a day-to-night wardrobe staple.

This season, we're proud to debut a collection of homewares, incorporating European linen embroidered napkin sets, cushion covers, aprons and embroidered hand towels – an organic extension of our core collection - just one more thing to make your life behind the closed doors of your home a little more beautiful. Another exciting development is our first range of mini pyjama sets that perfectly coordinate with the grown up cotton and linen PJs styles for effortless ‘mama and me’ pairings.

“I fell in love with Frances’ work when I first saw her clean, linear drawings and her to-die-for ceramics at Liberty in London. She uses ink and watercolours so skilfully; there is such restraint in those lines but the devil (and the mastery) is the detail. To make something so seemingly simple remain playful and feel evocative is an art. Her work has a vintage feel that I love and that is unmistakably her; her Matisseian flowers, her shells, her faces are just so recognisable.

Working from Frances’ signature motifs, we created  prints and embroideries and have worked together on designing the collection with lots of back and forth which I have loved. Working with Frances has been a true collaboration and I think what we have produced is a really lovely merging of two brands."

Kristi Edwards, Creative Director of Hesper Fox

“I like the ethos of Hesper Fox. As a brand it feels authentic and I love how it pays attention to the little details - from the way the factory finishes garments to the etched mother of pearl buttons. These are the kinds of things I pay attention to, so there was an affinity between Kristi and I. We’re both small businesses, run by women, putting things into the world that are considered, that we care about and that add to people’s lives. Things we wear or look at on our walls may not seem that important but they can add everyday beauty and lift us.

I’d had all these ideas fizzing in my brain for a while - a hand painted gingham in a print, seeing my lines reimagined on fabric and in embroidery brought those concepts to life. I love that this collaboration bridges different worlds. We’ve combined the things that I love and motifs I return to again and again into physical 3D objects - my line drawings of the moon translated into embroideries, tulips in a jug from my studio on an apron, shells in a colour combination that is a favourite and a ditsy floral print onto cotton that is a combination of my favourite flowers.”

Frances Costelloe, Artist