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Autumn/Winter '17 - The Confetti Collection

We are so excited to introduce the launch of our Autumn/Winter '17 Confetti Collection 

confetti [kuh n-fet-ee], plural noun, singular confetto [kuh n-fet-oh]  

  1. (used with a singular verb) small bits of paper, usually coloured, thrown or dropped from a height to enhance the gaiety of a festive event, as a parade, wedding, or New Year’s Eve party.

  2. confections; bonbons. 


The festivities of the Autumn and Winter season have inspired us for this current collection - our new exclusive hand painted prints feature a dash of confetti and multi coloured stripes - an ode to celebrating all of the special moments that life throws at us. 


Peek images below from our mood bored that inspired this confetti confectionary for AW'17 // 

Pink Angels - Willem de Kooning, 1945 

Deborah Turbeville, Vogue, 1975 

Coloured Stripes, Leah Hand, 2012 

Photographer, Unknown 





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