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Anneli Bush's 66 Day Habits Challenge

Anneli Bush's blog is a fabulous place to visit for deliciously photographed, well-written fashion, beauty, living and travel advice. Her most recent lifestyle entry offers some great advice on habits - breaking the bad ones and creating new and more positive ones.

She features Hesper Fox's best selling Carnival print, 100% silk camisole and shorts set as well as our super-popular Kitsune Sleep mask, also in 100% silk as some of her Toolkit Essentials in her 66 Day Habits Challenge

She reminds us that research shows that it takes 66 days to form a new habit. "This is apparently the ideal time for any individual to learn and adapt the new process and action – whatever type of habit it might be; from making the bed every morning, going to the gym 3 times a week, having a phone ban during dinner."

With the help of a Kikki K Habits Journal, she sets goals to be more present; 
cut down on social media & electronic devices after 7pm; to practice morning yoga and meditation and finally (and this one is close to our hearts), to go to bed by 10pm.


Anneli Bush 66 Day Habits Challenge. Blog post featuring Hesper Fox's 100% silk, exclusive Carnival print camisole and shorts.




Hesper Fox 100% silk Kitsune sleep mask.  



 Kikki K Habits Journal