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Anneli Bush's Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Long Haul Travel

Anneli Bush is one of our favourite bloggers; her Life & Style Journal at is a regular pit-stop of ours for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and wellness tips and inspiration. Anneli has an impeccable eye for detail, great style and she brilliantly masters the high/low combination we love so much - mixing high street finds and luxury brands with ease. 

In her post today, she shares her Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Long-Haul Travel. The guide is full of her tips and go-to products to help prepare in advance for long stints on a plane and ideas about re-booting and combatting jet lag when you return home. 

We are chuffed that she included our Kitsune silk eye mask in her arsenal of in-flight essentials. Go to her blog and check out her other handy tips; well worth a read if you're facing the prospect of hour after hour after hour (it really can drag) on a plane in the foreseeable future. 

We are certainly going to investigate her pre-flight skin routine next time we fly and we have to confess to having packed our own food on the odd occasion to avoid plane fare!


Photos courtesy of Anneli Bush